Oct. 23, 2022

The South Shields Poltergeist // 134 // Part 2

The South Shields Poltergeist // 134 // Part 2

In 2006, Marianne and Marc contacted paranormal investigators for help with their new unwanted guest, a poltergeist. They were experiencing many spooky things in their home.  The shower turned on by itself, they heard random noises, objects were falling, being thrown, or moving on their own, and their 3-year-old son Robert said he could see a man, a lady and a kid named Sammy. 




RECAP: In 2006, Marianne and Marc contacted paranormal investigators for help with their new unwanted guest, a poltergeist. They were experiencing many things such as;

-shower turning on by itself

-Their 3 year old son Robert said he could see a lady in his room and talked to her. He also talks to a kid named Sammy, and saw a man in the living room.

-Random noises in the house

-objects falling, being thrown, or moving around

-Blinds being taken down 

-Messages were showing up on Robert's doodle board

-Robert was moved from his bed in the middle of the night.  

The writing on Robert's doodle board looked very similar to Marc's handwriting and it was believed that Marc was the source of the poltergeist activity. At the end of our story last week, we talked about how the polt started calling the landline and sending text messages that said HI, HELLO and SORRY while the investigator was present. 

While everyone was there, they decided to interview Robert because he seemed to be friends with the poltergeist named Sammy. The following conversation between Mike and Robert is quoted straight from the book.

Mike: Tell me about Sammy

Robert: He's my friend

M: How old is he?

R: Three

M: Do you like him?

R: Sometimes.

M: What do you mean sometimes?

R: Sometimes he's naughty

M: Really? What does he do?

R: He throws things

M: What sort of things?

R: Toys...lots of things.

M: What do you do when he throws things?

R: I tell him to stop.

M: Does he?

R: mmmmmm

M: Does he stop?

R: Sometimes

M: Does he ever get angry?

R: Sometimes he pushes me. He pushed me over.

M: When? Today?

Robert just nodded

M: What does Sammy look like?

R: He has blue skin

M: Really?

R: Yes. His skin has bubbles on it.

M: What sort of bubbles?

R: Where he got burnt

M: In a fire?

R: mmm yes, in the fire

M: Where does Sammy live?

R: In a house

M: Where is the house?

R: By the Monster House

M: Where's the Monster House

R: Over there (he pointed to the living room window

M: Does a monster live there?

R: I don't know. That's what Sammy calls it.

M: Does Sammy speak to you?

R: Yes!

M: What does he say?

R: I don't know

M: What do you say to him?

R: I tell him not to be naughty

M: What does he say back?

R: I don't know.

After this day full of activity, things only amped up. One night, Marc and Marianne were heading to bed and a stuffed animal was thrown at Marianne's face. When they flipped the lights on, they saw their quilt moving as if someone was tugging on it and pulling it off them. Then Marc said his body was burning and when he removed his shirt, they saw random scratches on his torso and more of them were appearing as they watched. They called one of the investigators, Mike and he hurried over to their home and counted at least 13 scratches on Marc's body. 

The investigator went upstairs to check on Robert who was sleeping and when he opened the door, he saw that the bed was pulled to the middle of the floor and everything in the room had been rearranged while the young boy slept. Robert had a small plastic table in his room that was often moved around by the poltergeist, but this time was different. It moved and it had lost its original shape. The center was sunken in, the legs were bent and it was super shiny as if it had melted. When they checked on Robert later, the table was fixed and back to perfect condition. 

That night, the investigator got to experience everything first-hand as the rooms were all ripped apart and doors, drawers and cabinets were flung open and closed all around them. They were also able to film scratches that were popping up on Marc's body throughout the night. On Sunday, August 27th, Marianne and Marc put Robert to bed and they noticed some of the typical polt activity, but they were trying to ignore it now. They didn't want to feed into the energy. A felt tip pen was floating in the bathtub, four other pens were attached to the side of Robert's door with tape. Same old, same old they thought. When they checked on Robert around 9:30 PM, Marc noticed that he was missing. The two of them raced around the home looking for the young boy and they finally found him inside the closet in the master bedroom. He was tightly wrapped in a blanket, sound asleep.

Investigators instructed the couple to stay as calm as possible. If things were being moved around the house, try not to react. Just simply move them back and don't talk about it. The poltergeist was feeding off their fear. It was hard to go along with this, especially when you hear what the polt did next. It went back to it's old trick of calling the landline and also calling Marianne's cell from Marc's phone. Marc decided to turn his phone off and placed it on the table. Marianne received a text from his phone that said GET YOU BICH (Bitch was spelled without the T) Marc removed the battery from his phone and laid it on the table by his phone and two minutes later, Marianne received another text from his phone that said YOU'RE DEAD. At this point, knives started flying around the kitchen. 

They immediately called the investigators and Mike said he was on his way. He was present when Marianne received another text from Marc's phone that said IT YOU BITCH. The investigator pulled the SIM card out of the phone and placed it on the table. Another message, THE BITCH WILL DIE TODAY. Then another one: GOING TO DIE TODAY, GOING TO GET YOU. Then Marianne received a voice message: THE BITCH WILL DIE TODAY BITCH GONNA GET YOU OK MAM. 

Marianne and Marc couldn't stand it any longer. The stress and fear were just too much, so they decided to stay at her mother's place for the night. Unfortunately, that didn't stop the polt. Marriane received more text messages: PLEASE DON'T GO NOW. I WILL JUST COME WITH YOU BITCH. 


It was becoming obvious that this poltergeist was somehow listening to conversations that were being had AND it could contact people outside of the home now. The investigator, Mike had a really strange call as well. His friend Danny called him in the middle of the night after 2AM and when he called him back, Danny said he never called him. He knew nothing about the case that his friend was working on and told him he had been driving past Lock Street when this happened and that's the street Marc and Marianne lived on. 

Mike assembled a whole team of people to follow him into the house to study the polt and while they were there, Robert's Scooby Doo toy said, Peek-a-boo I see you! Mike hoped that was a coincidence, but it spoke again to say Let's Solve a mystery! Then there were new messages on the doodle boards STOP IT NOW and GO NOW. Mike wrote a message on the board: WE ARE NOT GOING! 

The team decided to try some good old Native American traditions to help them. They were going to create a medicine wheel. They chose the wide chest of drawers on the south wall to use as a makeshift alter. In Indian tradition, the south is the past and it signifies the way things used to be. It is also the place of new beginnings; childhood, innocence, and joy. An ashtray was placed on the altar along with a handful of tobacco. Investigator Mike had a sudden revelation at this point. He realized the messages on the doodle boards were never threats as they originally believed. Why would the polt warn them that they needed to stop when it fed off their negativity? What if the polt NEEDED them to stop because what they were doing to get rid of it was actually working? 

For anyone that doesn't know, a Medicine Wheel which can also be a Sacred Hoop, has been used by generations of various Native American tribes for health and healing. It's one of the most potent spiritual tools. It embodies the Four Directions, as well as Father Sky, Mother Earth, and Spirit Tree, all of which symbolize dimensions of health and the cycles of life. The Medicine Wheel can take on many different forms such as an artifact, painting, or a physical construction. Movement in the Medicine Wheel is circular and it typically goes clock-wise or sun-wise direction. This helps to align with the forces of Nature, such as gravity and the rising and setting of the Sun.

Investigator Mike had constructed their Medicine Wheel and took 8 pebbles from the altar and faced north. He prayed to the Grandfathers to guide him in the immediate future and to help him with the poltergeist. He turned to the east, the home of the sun, and laid down the medicine wheel. Four stones are placed at the cardinal directions east, south, west, and north, in that order. Four intersecting stones go in between the first four. 

The Medicine Wheel or Sacred Hoop is the place where all worlds meet. It is the road map of one's destiny, a guide to the spirit traveler and an instruction manual for the uncertain. It is the junction where worlds collide and dimensions intersect. It is the place where the Grandfathers will offer protection to those suffering harm. After everything was in place, Mike smudged the wheel and offered the prayers while walking around the wheel clock-wise. Every time he passed a stone, he sprinkled it with tobacco. As he reached north, he offered a prayer, asking the Grandfather Spirits to guide his actions. He also asked for two animal spirits to join him, the Bear and the Wolf.

Mike explained to his team that the temperature in the room would started to rise dramatically and that is the sign of the Bear as it enters the wheel, then the temperature would drop as the Wolf enters. The polt didn't enjoy this and decided to make it's move. It went after Marc just like it had before, his skin started burning and scratches were appearing across his skin. Once his body started vibrating, the team placed Marc into the center of the wheel. Mike circled him 7 times and smudged him with the sacred smoke. Once things calmed down, Mike offered a prayer to close the wheel. 

The polt had burnt itself out for a few days and everything was calm and quiet. It was September 4th, around 10:15 AM when Marianne saw two lighters in her son Robert's bedroom. When she went to the bathroom, Tigger was sitting on the toilet seat holding a knife. On September 12th, Marc turned on a light in the home and he was thrown backwards into the wall. He said he received a massive electric shock. They had an electrician check things out and he confirmed that everything was in perfect working order. Over the next few days, things were mysteriously moving around the house again and toys were being thrown. Marc even received a text message that said I'M BACK.

Things were back to normal for awhile and the polt was up to it's usual tricks. On September 19th, after a long day of shenanigans, Marc and Marianne were heading up the stairs and some toys were launched down after them. Marc yelled that he would not be stopped form going anywhere he wants in his own home and they heard a bang in Robert's room. When they peaked inside, they saw a new message on the doodle board. I AM GO NOW THANK. You can't trust a poltergeist though. Objects began moving around the house and the toys in Robert's room were talking even thought they were switched off. Another message on the board GO BICH NOW TO YOUR MAM. 

The next day, there was a whispering voice coming through the baby monitor. Marc and Marianne could hear what sounded like words, but they were not able to understand what the voice was saying. Then they heard heavy footsteps walking around Robert's room.

The next morning, things started up again and Marianne decided they should all head to her mother's house for a rest. She and Marc were walking Robert through the garden and he started waving. Marianne asked her son who he was waving at and he said “I'm waving at Sammy. Look, he's waving at me from my bedroom window. Can't you see him?” Marianne thought about this and realized the polt was happily watching her leave and she wasn't ready to be forced out, so they all headed back inside and they had a whole ass welcome committee. Scooby Doo was wheezing, Bob the Builder was cheering, sounds of children were giggling, even the karaoke machine was in on the action. 

Later in the day, the investigators saw Marc do something that would change the course of the entire case. As the stress was building, he mentioned that he was going to take a break and meditate. No one thought anything of this and let him go. Suddenly, Marc yelled from the living room and said the polt had poured hot wax from one of the candles over his head and they heard voices coming through the baby monitor again. He took a break for awhile and when he went back to his meditating, scratches started to appear on Marc's back. Investigator Mike took a closer look at Marc's meditation situation. The candles were all set in small, ceramic dishes. At the 4 quarters of the circle there were no candles, just larger ceramic pots. One contained earth and the other had ash. Mike realized this was some time of spiritual circle and he asked Marc where he learned to do this kind of ritual.

Marc explained that he did some research online and found it useful when he would meditate. He couldn't remember exactly what the technique was called though. The investigator was confused because there is typically some sort of protection built in to these kinds of rituals to keep someone safe inside the circle, but the polt harmed him during it. He was like, do you perfectly follow the directions? Marc said most of the time...sometimes I forget things. Mike's like ok, could you have forgotten something this time? Marc thinks about this and says well, you're supposed to use salt and I forgot.

Salt is a highly protective substance that is used to ward off negative elements. When Marc forgot the salt in his circle, he engaged in a ritual that conjured strong spiritual energies and he didn't protect himself. We already know that poltergeists have a large appetite, so it could have been feeding on the energies that Marc was bringing into the circle and he had been meditating 3 times a day for several weeks to relax himself. This would explain why the polt never got burnt out. It had a constant food source.

After this, they found that their toilet was filled with a substance that looked like blood and the letters RIP were written on Robert's wall. Robert's doodle boards had new messages as well. One said RIP and the other had a pentangle which is a five pointed star drawn in a circle. The investigator later consulted with a friend of his named Stephen. They talked about how the polt always seems to steal phones or other electronics and they are almost always found upstairs and that's where most of the activity is as well. This conversation lead Mike to ask Marianne when they purchased the TVs and other equipment upstairs and she says, the strange thing is we bought those items almost exactly at the same time as the poltergeist arrived. She was instructed to turn all electronics off every night before bed.

Stephen also informed Mike that if they had cell towers close to their home, there's tons of power that runs through them and poltergeists can use that to feed off power. This actually did quiet things down at the home and the polt seemed to follow Marc and Marianne to their workplace for a few weeks, but it did all end eventually. Mike believes that the smudging rituals played a large part in weakening the polt and turning off all electronics at night. 

If you or someone you know is experiencing poltergeist activity, please consider the following tactics to end things:

-You can try confronting the polt and demand that they stop the activity and leave the house. This rarely works, but you can try.

-Call a priest to bless the house or perform an exorcism. This will most likely be ineffective if you really are dealing with a polt, rather than a demon or spirit.

-Figure out who is causing the activity and get them help through counseling or therapy.

-Hypnosis might help to identify the traumatic events that are causing the negative energy

-Geomancy is the study of the earth's energy and things that might either block or amplify its flow. Many things can cause changes in the energy flow in and around your home. This could include a new extension on your home, or even construction or roadwork happening near you. If something like this happened before the activity began, you may need to restore back to the way things were before the energy turned so negative. 

-You can contact paranormal societies or ghost hunters for help

-Remove any cursed objects. In rare instances, a doll, painting, or other object could be causing the problem.

-Perform cleansing rituals or ceremonies, but FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS. Sprinkle salt, use white sage, hang crosses, garlic, or other good luck charms around the house.

-Ignore it until it goes away 

-Accept it. If it's not hurting you or causing too much stress, you can keep it.