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Ok so I am new to podcast. I saw someone ask for recommendations and someone said this podcast is their sister and good, detailed research was done and it wasn’t just a quick Google search . They were not wrong and I’m obsessed!!! I started with the Dolly Oestereeich case and I fell in love with the show. Interesting, hilarious dialogue and researched excellent. Binging all thanksgiving while cooking and every day after lol thank you!! My new favorite! (Old shows were way too giggly and off subject for me but definitely seemed to change so if u start from beginning I’d stick with it).


The best! Love this podcast!!


Seriously love love LOVE! These 2 crack me up and I love that they cover lesser known cases!!

Love it!

Really good story telling, I love the true crime/horror/spooky variety!


Pretty sick

Good work guys!

Still killing it!

Good work guys!

They really seem to enjoy what they’re doing and their doing a great job! Keep it up


Best podcast I’ve listened to! 10/10 recommend for sure!!

This podcast is chillingly good

Love listening to this podcast out in the garage ! After a long day nice to listen about chilling stories with a beer in hand. Hope you girls add more!


One pf the best podcasts out there! Love to listen to everyday! 10/10 recommend. Great topics all the time. And just all around awesome!!!

Instant classic

This is my favorite new podcast and is perfect for listening to while driving in the rain (which happens a lot where I live, no big deal).

Great True Crime Podcast!

Megan and Hanna are hilarious & all their podcasts I believed are well researched. You can tell Megan puts a lot of work into each episode and really cares about the victims and getting their stories told. She doesn’t just talk about the murder itself though, she always goes into what the victim and murderer were like too. Which I appreciate. ☺️ I love their unique idea too of doing a murder per state too. They cover some popular ones but also ones I have never heard of. This podcast all around is informative and entertaining! I don’t think you will be disappointed if you give Megan and Hanna a shot! If you are looking for a new true crime podcast, check this one out! 💜

My favorite new podcast!

I absolutely love this podcast! The stories are really interesting and the hosts are smothered in personality, wit, and humor. I can’t wait to see how their podcast develops and to hear what stories they bring to the table. A