Oct. 10, 2021

Black Eyed Kids // 79 // Paranormal // Part 1

Black Eyed Kids // 79 // Paranormal // Part 1

The Black Eyed Kids are mysterious beings that look like kids that are between the ages of 6 to 16. They will usually appear at night and seem to show up when an adult is alone. The kids can come in groups of two or more and they usually ask for favors. They may request to make a call, get a ride home, use the bathroom, or even come in the home for some food. A journalist shared their story in the 90s and more people began sharing their stories as well. Many people believe that's when this phenomenon started, but if you look, it really dates back much further than that. How do you know if you've encountered The Black Eyed Kids? There's always something quite unsettling such as: their clothing, the way they speak, their expressions, or even their haircuts. The person will usually feel a sense of danger that can't be explained and the BEKs will be very persistent about gaining access to your home or vehicle.


Is today's story true? Or is just an urban legend? Many people believe the claims are a hoax, but what if they're not? We are covering the story of The Black Eyed Children or Black Eyed Kids, also known as BEKs. The Black Eyed Kids are mysterious beings that look like kids that are between the ages of 6 to 16. They will usually appear at night and seem to show up when an adult is alone. The kids can come in groups of two or more and they usually ask for favors. They may request to make a call, get a ride home, use the bathroom, or even come in the home for some food. A journalist shared their story in the 90s and more people began sharing their stories as well. Many people believe that's when this phenomenon started, but if you look, it really dates back much further than that. How do you know if you've encountered The Black Eyed Kids? There's always something quite unsettling such as: their clothing, the way they speak, their expressions, or even their haircuts. The person will usually feel a sense of danger that can't be explained and the BEKs will be very persistent about gaining access to your home or vehicle. 

When people tell BEKs NO, they get very demanding and their tone may change. It may seem as if an outside force is making you feel like you must open the door to your home or the door to your vehicle. If you get a clear look at their faces, their eyes will be completely black. Luckily, most people have been able to trust their guts and get away from these creepy kids, but not everyone has been so lucky. A ton of the information I used is from the book: True Ghost Stories Real Black-Eyed Kids by Zachery Knowles and I will link that in the show notes. I also used the Thought Catalog. Fun fact, the more you research BEKs, the more likely you are to encounter them.

Most of the stories about BEKs have many similarities:

-People notice that the BEKs have completely black eyes, with no white scelera or pupil showing.

-People mention that they feel hypnotized or it's like they're in a trance and can't control their body or movements

-They manipulate emotions

-They are somehow able to control electricity

-They will repeat the same sentences over and over

-They need verbal permission to enter your home and will get very aggressive about it 

-There is usually more than one child and the oldest one typically speaks and is very authoritative. They will also stare at each other often as if they have telepathy or psychic powers.

-Animals seem to be very disturbed by the BEKs

-People have an unexplained fear rush through them


Demons or Vampires: Because they need permission to go into your home

Alien Hybrids: Grey Aliens are reported to have solid black eyes, so people believe they could be an alien-human hybrid. This would explain the psychic abilities, speech issues, and the eyes. In one of our stories, a couple DID let the BEKs in their home and suffered nosebleeds and other health issues which could be caused from the radiation that is reported from Alien encounters. Unusual clothing, speech patterns, and the ability to disappear quickly makes people think about the Men in Black which are thought to be working with Aliens. We do have a case where men in dark suits were involved.

-It's possible that BEKs are a completely unique entity that don't fit into a previous category that we know about.

-BEKs could be child victims of diptheria from the 1800s or Victorian era. Diptheria was known to make your eye sockets appear sunken in and there is a famous BEK story where the young girl has been seen wearing a white, Victorian style dress.

If you've listened to our previous episodes, you've probably noticed that I'm completely fascinated by Native American legends, so I figured I should go to the Google machine to see if there was any ties here and I was not disappointed. The ancient legend comes form the Iroquois Indians. They believed in a dark/evil power called the Otkon that was an entity that took form of a reptilian humanoid that can take over children and an 'Evil One' also known as 'Evil Minded One' would mate with human females so they could produce black-eyed, chalky skinned, children. The legend says that “These children were killed by the tribe soon after birth and burned to stop them from resurrecting. Children wandering alone in the woods could also be taken over by Otkon and would re-emerge with black eyes and pale skin acting nervously while repeating themselves over and over. Their goal was to destroy the tribe and infect all of the people with Otkon.” Children that wandered into the woods alone would be taken over by the “Evil Minded One” and would come back to the tribe with black eyes. The kids were infected with the evil energy and returned with hostile intentions.

We are going to start with the first story that really brought BEKs to everyone's attention. Brian originally added his story to the creepypasta, but he insists that the incident was real and he had reported on it previously. Brian Bethel, a journalist from Abilene, Texas, , had a strange experience in 1996. On the night of the incident, it was about 9:30 to 10 PM and Brian was standing in a parking lot in front of an office door that was by a movie theater. Brian walked to his car and got inside while he was filling out a check to pay some bills. He was using the light of the movie theater to see the check and he was going to drop the payment in the overnight slot once he was done. As he's writing the check, someone knocks on his driver's side window. Brian looked up and saw two young boys next to his car. One boy appeared to be about 9 and the other was about 12. The oldest boy had an olive complexion with dark brown, curly hair and the youngest boy was a pale ginger with freckles. The boys were wearing hoodies and the hoods were partially covering their eyes. 

Brian did not roll the window down, but could still hear the boys talking. The oldest boy said, “We came here to watch the premiere of Mortal Kombat, but we left our money at home. Will you give us a ride home?” Brian was filled to the brim with fear, but why? He had two kids at his window and couldn't figure out why that was so terrifying, but he decided to listen to that fear. He was like ok, it's a bit strange in the 90s to ask a stranger for a ride and they look harmless. Brian's head flicks up towards the movie theater sign and realized that Mortal Kombat had started over an hour ago. The older boy proceeds to tell him, “ It won't take long. We're just two boys. We won't hurt you. We don't have a gun.” Brian felt that something was off with the boy's tone. He was speaking with an odd or unnatural rhythm that didn't make sense. Also, why the fuck would someone assure you that they won't hurt you or say they don't have a gun? Suddenly, Brian felt that he needed to open the passenger door to let the boys in, but his gut urged him to stop. The boys looked up and locked eyes with Brian. He saw that the eyes were completely black. He slammed the car in reverse and was like, I'm backin up, backing up, backing up.

Brian wondered what would have happened if he had opened the car door. Why was he approached? Why was he lied to? The kids were clearly not running home for money to see a movie that had already been playing for over an hour. He decided to post his story on a private online chat room and that's when Brian discovered that other people had encounters like this before.

There's a story that takes place in County Clare, Ireland. A fifteen year old was walking through the woods one afternoon and they sat beneath a tree to write. On this day, there was a gentle, calm breeze, and the birds were singing. Suddenly, all wildlife noises stopped and everything became still. No movement, no sound, no breeze. The kid packed up to head home, but saw a dark shape following. She took off running and made it home and slammed the door. She heard a knock on the door and there was a young girl about 10 or 12 staring at the ground. The girl was terrified and realized that it was getting dark out which didn't make sense. She hadn't been outside for more than 40 minutes, but when she checked the clock, she noticed she had been gone 5 hours. A knock was heard on the door again and she asked if they needed help. The girl outside said, “I need to come in. Please let me in.” The girl was like I can't let you in, but I can call someone for you. The BEK replied, “No, that won't work. I need to come in.” The girl hid in her room until the BEK left. Her mom figured she just had an overactive imagination, but her Irish grandma believed something different. She said the FEY or fairies are said to be evil and will kidnap children in the woods. The grandmother had never heard of BEKs before, but she noticed a smiliarity. FEY are known to take shape of a human child or beautiful woman depending on their prey because that gets the most sympathy from people. The FEY are also attracted to thoughts of themselves meaning, the more you speak about them, the more likely you are to encounter them.

It almost felt like a dream. I woke up to my dog, Lucy, barking. She was upright on the bed where my husband and I were sleeping with our 22 month old daughter, staring at our door. I thought she was just freaking out over a house noise. We’d only had her for 3 months and she was still a puppy. 

I decided the best bet would be to open the door and show her nothing was there. She stood there, snarling. It was an angry, violent growl, one I had never heard her make before. 

I looked through the peephole. I can’t explain why I looked, but I did. Outside were two kids.

One was just a smidgen shorter than me, and didn’t look much younger. I’m 21, and she looked to be 16 or 17. She was slender and pale. Her hair was a light shade of honey blonde, and she wore it long, about mid-back, and had blunt bangs in the front that covered her eyes. She wore jeans, a light-wash and a thin-looking olive colored pullover style hoodie. She held the hand of a small girl, who looked to be around 3 or 4, in the same style jeans and a button-down ivory cardigan. The smaller one looked at the floor shyly, but had the same shade of hair, tied back in a ponytail. She held a stuffed toy under her arm. Had it not been for the feeling of overwhelming dread and fear, I probably would have asked these children in and given them some tea or hot chocolate to get them out of the bitter cold. Something about them seemed off. At this point, I hadn’t made any noise- I hadn’t shushed the dog or grumbled, nothing- I hadn’t turned on any lights, these kids had no indicators I was at the door. The older one spoke.

She had a voice that was mature, confident, strong, and accentless. She held her head tilted downward, and I couldn’t see her eyes. She said “We have to use your phone.” I stood frozen in fear. How did she know I was there? She raised her head to face me directly, and that was when I saw her eyes. There was a reason I couldn’t see them through her bangs before- they were black. She said. “Our mother is worried.”

I did not answer her. Slowly and silently, I backed away from the door, Lucy still cowering at my ankles. She kept talking. “Just let us in to use your phone.” I took another step back, and with that step, the tone changed. At first, she seemed polite. When I took that second step back, she became commanding, almost hostile. We’re not going to hurt you. If we wanted to do that, we would have broken in. I’ll ask again. May we come in and use your phone?” Lucy snarled at the door, and I inched backward, though something inside me seemed to be slowly pulling me back toward the door. It wasn’t a physical pulling so much as a subconcious need to go back and let them in.

I got to my room, covered up the window, locked the door, and sat there in the dim light of the nightlight. I heard her call me back to the door once more, and then quiet. I didn’t go back to sleep that night, and I haven’t slept right since. 

Even though we are mainly talking about black eyed kids, don't be fooled, there are also black eyed adults. A truck driver named Harry had parked his rig for the night and went to a nearby casino. He spoke to a Native American woman who was serving him drinks and as the night went on, they hit it off. She told Harry to bring some beer and meet her in the parking lot after her shift was over. Harry purchased a 6 pack of beer and waited in the lot by the front door. Many people headed out the door as their shifts ended, but Harry couldn't find the woman he spoke to all night. A Hispanic woman approached Harry and began talking to him. He didn't recognize her, but she said she was the one he talked to all night. Harry told the lady he was very uncomfortable and he didn't want to hangout anymore. He headed to his truck, put on Pjs and jumped in bed to read a book. Suddenly, someone was banging on his truck. He jumped up to look out and saw the Native American woman standing there. She looked disheveled and her movements were robotic. Harry looked into her eyes and saw they were all black. He looked down and saw his hand moving towards the door to let her in. He fought the urge to open the door, started his truck, and drove away.

Brenda and Paul Wilson lived in a small town off a dirt road. They were very isolated and it got extremely dark at night because there weren't any streetlights in their area. One night, someone banged on their front door at 2 AM. Brenda wasn't actually that surprised because it had been snowing for hours and she figured someone's car had broken down. Brenda looked out her bedroom window and saw footprints in the snow. She noticed that there wasn't a car in sight and there weren't any car tracks on the road. She saw two kids at the door and she woke up Paul, the couple got dressed, and they headed to the door. 

A boy and a girl, both 8 years old, stood on the doorstep. The kids were not dressed in winter attire and Brenda instantly felt conflicted. Her normal motherly instinct would be to rush the children inside and warm them up, but she had a bad feeling. Their haircuts appeared to be very outdated. The boy had a bowl cut and the girl had long hair with harsh bangs. The kids had very outdated clothing as well and wouldn't make eye contact. Even though Brenda felt nervous, they couldn't just leave kids outside in the winter. Paul invited the kids inside and Brenda rushed to the kitchen to make some hot cocoa. Paul asked the kids about their parents and the girl said, “our parents will be here soon. She said this is an unnatural singsong voice. Paul said, “What happened? Did their car break down?” The girl repeated, “Our parents will be here soon.” 

Paul tried again and asked, “Was there an accident?” The girl replied, “Our parents will be here soon.” Brenda was preparing the cocoa while listening to this interaction. The robotic responses were very troublesome and she realized something else. They had four cats that typically greeted every guest, but they were all hiding. Then she spotted one of the cats in the living room doorway. All of his fur stood straight up, his tail was pointed down, he was poofed out, walking sideways, and hissing. Brenda entered the living room and handed the hot cocoa to the kids. She turned to her husband who was sitting across from them and Paul was leaning forward with his head in his hands, and he looked like he was in pain. Paul said he was just dizzy. They both looked at the BEKs and the girl said, “We need to use the bathroom.” Brenda told them where to go, but she had seen their eyes. She began telling Paul and his nose started bleeding. Brenda ran to get tissues and the power went out. She was in the kitchen, feeling around for the tissues, but she sensed someone was there. A car pulled into the driveway and Brenda saw the silhouettes of the children standing in the doorway of the kitchen holding hands. The girl said, “Our parents are here.” The children walked outside and left the front door wide open. Brenda ran to the door and saw two very tall men dressed in dark suits standing by a vehicle. They took the children and left. The power came on in the house 30 minutes later, but that wasn't the end of things. Over the next few months, three of the cats went missing and the one that hissed at the kids, passed away. Paul and Brenda had frequent nosebleeds and dizzy spells. Paul ended up being diagnosed with aggressive melanoma skin cancer, but luckily, he did recover. 

This story took place in the 60's. Ten year old Betty was going door to door selling Girl Scout cookies. She wasn't making very many sales on this particular day, so she turned the corner and headed down a street that wasn't familiar to her. She saw a car pulling into a driveway and three people got out. Betty raced across the street to see if she could sell some cookies. A woman in her mid thirties got out of the driver's seat and helped an elderly couple get out. Betty greeted them and the elderly couple turned to her with a smile, but she immediately saw their black eyes. The couple leaned close to her and she felt icy breath on her cheeks. The younger woman grabbed the couple and yanked them back by their arms and apologized to Betty and the little girl ran her ass right home.

Anna was a teenager who often struggled with sleep, so she liked to take walks to clear her mind. One night, around 1 AM, she was finishing up her walk and heading home. She turned a corner and saw two young boys talking to an elderly man. The man had his front porch light on and Anna could see the fear on his face. Anna slowed her pace down so she could observe the situation. The boys appeared to be about 12 years old and she heard the tallest one say, “Please let us in, we have to call our mother or she will be worried.” Initially, Anna thought it was a little strange that the man wouldn't let the young boys inside to call their mom, but she was hit with a wave of fear. The child's tone was very firm and adult like. Anna cleared her throat and all three heads turned to look at her. The old man took his opportunity to slam the door and turn off his porch light. The boys turned their attention to Anna and she wanted to run, but couldn't. As the boys were walking towards her, she got a good look at their black eyes. One of the boys told her, “We have to use a phone.” Anna replied, “I don't have a phone on me.” The boy said, “Please can we come in your house and use the phone? We need to call our mother.” Anna lied to the boys and said, “Um, listen, I don't live anywhere near here. My ride ditched me and I'm looking for a phone too.” The boy said, “Please help us. We need to be let in.” Anna didn't want to lead the boys to her house, so she told them she could give them money and they could call their mother from a payphone. Finally, the boys gave up and told her to forget it. Anna walked in the opposite direction of her home and went several blocks out of the way to make sure she wasn't being followed. When she eventually felt safe enough to go home, she passed the old man's house and he was standing at his door with the light on, holding a baseball bat. Anna made it home and decided not to walk at night again for quite some time. 

Jody Fontaine was a Marine stationed in North Carolina. Jody was in his barracks on the third floor watching a movie one night and he heard a knock. He opened the door and saw two kids and their eyes were pure black. Jody felt scared, but asked the kids what they were doing out so late. One of the kids said, “It's really cold out here. We want to come inside and read.” Jody poked his head in the hallway to see if he could see their parents anywhere. When he made eye contact with the kids again, he felt a pulling sensation and he couldn't look away even though he wanted to. He was able to slam the door shut and locked it. The kids were banging on the door and the window rattled. After about 5 minutes, everything went silent and they were gone.

In Australia, it was about 1 in the morning and there was a knock on Harry's door. He flipped the porch light on and the bulb blew out. When he opened the door, he noticed that all streetlights went out at the same time. There were two thirteen year old boys looking at him. The boys wore khaki cargo pants with white t-shirts and hats. One of the boys said, “G'day mate. We were wondering if we could get our little kitten out of your backyard.” Harry was immediately suspicious. First off, no one in that part of Australia actually said “G'day mate.” He also knew that kids shouldn't be knocking on people's doors at that time of night and the accent was wrong. Harry told them he would go look in the yard and if there really was a kitten, he'd bring it to them. The boy said, “No mate, she's afraid of strangers. We have to do it.” The other boy said, “We must insist that we get her.” Harry considered letting the boys in, but he just felt like something was off. 

Harry asked the boys their age and they said they were 16. Harry was like yea right, there's no way. He watched the boys tense up. They began getting very demanding about getting their kitten and Harry said you're not getting your kitten back if you're going to be rude. One of the boys said, “Please let us in. We can't come in unless you let us in.” At this point, Harry specifically looked at the boys' hands to check for weapons. When he did this, one of the boys said, “We don't have any weapons on us.” Harry attempted to ask if their mother knew how late they were out and the boy said, “Our mother will be angry with us if we don't bring the kitten home. Harry said he was going to grab paper and get their mother's number. He said if he found the kitten, he could give her a call tomorrow. Now, remember, all the outside lights were off at this point. When Harry stepped inside, the boys stepped closer to the door and he saw their eyes. Harry yelled at the boys to get away from his door. One of the boys smiled and said, “We're just kids. Let us in to get our kitten.” Harry was able to slam the door and when he looked outside, the kids had disappeared. 

15 year old Bobby was at the skateboard park at about 10 PM one night and he noticed two boys. The oldest boy was about 12 and the younger one was 8. They both had black shorts, graphic tees, and hats. When Bobby was near the boys, the oldest one said, “Can you take us to your house? We need to use a phone.” Bobby reached into his pocket and was going to hand his phone to the kid, but he caught a glimpse of his eyes. Bobby gasped, but thought they were contacts and complimented the kid and asked where he got them. The boy said, “They are not contacts, where do you live?” Bobby told the boys he couldn't help them and he turned away, then he felt a hand on his shoulder. He heard the boy say, “We need to go inside. We cannot unless you take us to your house.” Bobby punched the oldest boy in the face, hopped on his skateboard, and took off. He took a route away from his house to make sure he wasn't followed. The next day, while he was in his home doing homework, he got a weird feeling. When he turned around, he saw the two boys looking at him through a window. 


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